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Dimensions: 24″ D  x  44″ W

Weight: 110 lbs

Shipping Class: 85



represents a fully upholstered booth featuring vertical channel tufting on 7″ centers.

High enclosed base is standard or choose

the optional high pedestal design. Standard

36″ height.


* Pedestal base (PED) available for single

and double

Upholstery Options

Available Sizes

Custom Options

Upholstery Options


To browse the various upholstery finishes click the link below:


24″D x 44″W

44″ x 84″ x 44″

45″D x 44″W

44″ x 84″ x 84″ x 44″


44″ x 44″

(Option Code-2)

(Option Code-3)
(Option Code-4)

(Option Code-5)

(Option Code-6)
(Option Code-7)
(Option Code-8)
(Option Code-LSB)
(Option Code-LCS)

- Laminate top & end panels

- Wood top cap & end panels
- 42″ height utilizing horizontal headrest

- 42″ height

- Wood top cap & full end panels
- 48″ height

- Laminate top cap
- Laminate sub base
- Laminate crumbstrip

(Option Code-UCS)
(Option Code-WTC)
(Option Code-WSB)
(Option Code-LOB)
(Option Code-LB)

- Upholstered crumbstrip
- Wood top cap
- Wood sub base

- Laminate outside back

- Laminated base


* Pedestal base

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